The Perfect Bike for you.

Laberta Custom Steel Cycle

A bike, like a suit, feels and looks better if you get one made for your body. You are a unique person, with a unique body shape and a one size fits all bike frame isn't going to provide you with the same comfort, speed and fit as a bike built specifically for your unique needs. Here at Laberta Cycles we've been building custom bikes since 2007. 

We start with a completely custom geometry designed to fit your exact cycling needs. If you are not quite sure about the geometry of your next custom frame, no worries! We'll put you on our serotta fit cycle and dial in the dimensions based off our design & you can experience whats coming.

Full size LaBerta bike layout

The Best Steel

We use high quality steel from the worlds best manufacturers

LaBerta Steel frame top tube, down tube, head tube

Attention to Detail

Once we get the geometry right, we can add details to your bike. You can pick a simple welded frame or a more stylish lugged frame. We can add braze-ons for water bottles, cable stops, shifter bosses, cable guides and more. 

In addition to the frame stylings, we also offer completely custom paint jobs. You can pick a solid color or multiple colors. Pick the color that suits you best. 

Custom Headbadge

Custom Headbadge

Finish it

When the frame is complete you can finish it off with top quality components.  Pick everything from the seat to the tires and everything in between to complete your perfect bike

Laberta custom steel bike lugged, white and blue
LaBerta custom steel bike grey
LaBerta custom steel bike purple with pink handlebars
LaBerta custom steel bike purple and white
LaBerta custom steel bike teal